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Research Papers September 22, 2023
Performance analysis of textured spherical hybrid journal bearings operated with magneto-rheological fluid
Research Papers September 22, 2023
Impact elastohydrodynamic lubrication analysis of transversely isotropic materials in point contact
Research Papers September 14, 2023
Thermohydrodynamic Analysis of a Controllable Stiffness Foil Bearing with Shape Memory Alloy Springs: Experimental Tests and Theoretical Predictions
Research Papers September 14, 2023
Modified finite difference methods for Reynold equation with film thickness discontinuity
Research Papers August 28, 2023
Thermoelastohydrodynamic mixed lubrication of combined rod seals operating at high pressures and speeds: mathematical modeling and numerical analysis
Technical Briefs August 28, 2023
Knudsen Maximum Effect in Micro-Scale Gas Lubrication
Research Papers August 18, 2023
Mathematical modeling and experimental characterization of the piezoelectric servo valve system
Research Papers August 18, 2023
Measuring the roller skew angle in the loading zone of a cylindrical roller bearing with strain gauges for long-term monitoring
Research Papers August 16, 2023
Evolution and action mechanism of relative negative pressure zone in spiral groove gas face seal for aero-engine
Research Papers August 16, 2023
Analysis of Displacement-Controlled Fretting Between Crossed Parabolic Cylinders in Elasto-plastic Contacts
Research Papers July 28, 2023
Semi-analytical model for 3D multilayered rolling contact problems with different creepage combinations
Research Papers July 4, 2023
Data-driven model of the distribution lubrication on water-lubricated bearing under severe operating conditions
Research Papers June 23, 2023
Influence of shaft scratch on static and transient behavior of water-lubricated bearing
Research Papers June 2, 2023
A dynamic model of outer race defective bearing considering the unbalanced shaft-bearing system with experimental simulation
Research-Article November 20, 2017
Effect of milling time on sliding friction and wear behavior of hot isostatically pressed titanium alloys Ti-6Al-4X(X=V, Nb Fe) for biomedical applications
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