A thick-walled closed-end cylinder of isotropic, homogeneous and strain-hardening material is considered in this study. Loading is assumed to consist of a temperature gradient as well as an internal pressure. Unloading is completely elastic without considering a Bauschinger effect. A generalized plane strain case in which the material obeys Von Mises yield criterion is studied. Using the yield criterion, critical conditions for a wide range of loading combinations and thickness ratios are investigated. After the critical condition is established, load is increased beyond the critical values and calculations are made for plastic stresses and strains and progress of plastic zone using an incremental theory of plasticity. Residual stresses are obtained as the cylinder is unloaded from a 25 and 50-percent overstrained condition. Reverse yielding is not considered while the residual stresses at the onset of reverse yielding are calculated. Loading function is assumed to follow the stress-strain curve of SUS 304 at a constant temperature of 400°C, which is selected from the experimental work of earlier researchers.

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