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The Journal of Mechanical Design Webinar Series is a series of webinars organized quarterly to feature interesting research work being published in the Journal of Mechanical Design (JMD). The goal is to share the latest research and development in the field, and by doing so, to keep our community connected.

Webinars take place online, approximately every three months, for a duration of 1.5 hours.

Each webinar features invited presentations of recently published/accepted articles in JMD. Each JMD webinar will include two sessions:

  1. (1) a 90-minute Zoom webinar session in which selected papers will be featured with presentations (10-20 minutes each) followed by a panel discussion, and
  2. (2) a 30-minute session for further discussion/networking among speakers and seminar attendees.


All JMD Webinars are free to watch and are available on the JMD YouTube page.

For more information about JMD Webinars, please visit

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