JeMMA, a set of relatively simple shaped-charge devices, has been designed in order to generate suitable data on jet formation, break-up and penetration for code validation purposes. The JeMMA Phase 1 device incorporated a copper liner and six of these shaped charges were manufactured as a technology demonstrator and fired in a special shaped charge facility in December 2016. The radiographic results obtained from the JeMMA Phase 1 and 2 devices, along with data reproducibility between trials, was excellent. This report gives an overview of the Phase 1 and 2 trials, including device design, the results of the firings conducted in Switzerland and details of the subsequent 2D and 3D hydrocode modelling carried out at AWE. The agreement between the data and both 2D and 3D modelling of the experiments is very pleasing, but highlights where further work is required. These JeMMA experiments will enhance the body of relevant data required to provide the validation of the hydrocode materials and modelling methodologies and enable us to better model the jetting threats of our experiments and have higher confidence in the results of the modelling.

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