This paper addresses the weathervane performance of Floating Offshore Wind Turbines (FOWTs) moored to single-point mooring (SPM) systems. A system of equations of motion to describe the motions in horizontal plane around the mooring point in the combined environmental conditions is derived. Wind, wave and current loads are considered. Two types of SPM-FOWT systems proposed by the present authors are considered for comparison. It is found out that the weathervane performance of the SPM-FOWT systems is acceptable in a point that the power generation efficiency does not reduce significantly. The stability is also checked based on the eigenvalue analysis for the linearized equations of motion around the equilibrium point. The stability and the responsivity are discussed in comparison between the two systems. Sensitivity of the stability and responsivity to design parameters such as length between the buoy and the main floater to the turning motion performance is discussed, too.

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