Viscoelastic components are incorporated into automobile and aerospace structures system in order to damp mechanical vibrations. Viscoelastic components are a key element in designing desired dynamic behaviour of mechanical systems. Viscoelastic components dynamic characteristics are often very complex, due to the dependence of its response on several variables, such as frequency, amplitude, preload, and temperature. These dependencies can be critical in capturing the mechanical proprieties and so non linear dynamical behaviour may appear. Assuming that non linearities are due to non linear elasticity, the non linear Generalized Maxwell Model (GMM) is proposed to characterize dynamics of viscoelastic components. Parameters of GMM are identified from Dynamic Mechanical Analysis (DMA) tests for different excitation frequencies. A particular result from identification is that the non linear stiffness is dependent upon displacement amplitude and static displacement under static preload. The significance of this result is that the non linear dynamics of the viscoelastic component can be represented by a simple analytical model capable to produce accurate results. Comparison between measurements and simulations of dynamic stiffness of viscoelastic component has been carried on.

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