The installation and removal workload of the original water filling support of the condenser is huge. For example, the water filling leak detection of the condenser during outage takes a lot of time on the main line of the conventional island, which cannot meet the requirements of the outage period. Moreover, the support can only be removed after the condensate side of the condenser is filled with water and emptied, which needs to be further optimized. Based on the stress analysis and load modeling calculation of the original water-filled support and its legs, the stress distribution and deformation of the water-filled leak detection support of the condenser are determined, and the design is improved according to the demonstration results. Through rapid fixed function of self-locking wedge device design, design of jack-up device and synchronization automated design of hydraulic equipment, a new type of spring water filling pedestal supporting type condenser leakage inspection support device was developed, and thus the condenser water filling leak quick installation and dismantling becomes convenient, safe and reliable, which significantly shortens the condenser leakage in the process of water filling to check support operation time. At the same time, the synchronous lifting of the water-filled leak detection support ensures the structural safety of the condenser during the process of condenser descent when the condensate side of the condenser is drained to the operating level.

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