In practical engineering, the vibration transmission between bolted structures supported by cantilever beams involves many factors, including the friction between plates and the bolt connection relationship. The vibration transmission effect is the embodiment of the coupling of various factors, so it is impossible to accurately and quantitatively evaluate the influence degree of various factors. In this paper, the influence factors of vibration between bolted plates in the form of cantilever beam are studied by numerical calculation method. The effects of friction coefficient, bolt preload, temperature and internal and external pressure on vibration characteristics are studied. Finally, the contribution of different influencing factors to vibration transmission is given. The preliminary research shows that the bolt connects the two plates into a whole structure, and its stiffness changes little with the friction coefficient, bolt preload, temperature and internal and external pressure. The natural frequency of each order increases with the increase of friction coefficient, bolt preload and internal and external pressure, decreases with the increase of temperature, and the overall trend changes little. At the same time, the bolt preload is verified by test, the difference of natural frequency under the same preload is compared and analyzed, the numerical calculation is compared with the test value, and the vibration contribution of preload is verified.

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