Nuclear power plants have traditionally adopted regular preventive and corrective maintenance methods, but extensive international operation experience shows that inadequate maintenance, excessive maintenance and improper maintenance will adversely affect nuclear power plant structures, systems and equipment, and thus affect the safety level of nuclear power plant operation. According to China’s National Nuclear Safety Administration of the improved technology policy (try out) “the effectiveness of the nuclear power plant maintenance requirements, with the first nuclear power qinshan owner steam system as an example, the implementation based on the structures, systems and equipment effectiveness analysis method and risk management of the maintenance rules, can be more reasonable and effective to improve the reliability of maintenance.

The method mainly includes: determining the system boundary and the scope of structures, systems and equipment involved in the maintenance rules, screening the system maintenance rules function; List the equipment and failure modes that affect the function; The failure probability and function importance of each function group are calculated. The reliability index and availability index of the system are determined and verified by historical data. Supervise each function group of the system according to the key indicators, evaluate the actual operation of these structures, systems and equipment regularly, determine whether to meet the established performance indicators, optimize and adjust the maintenance rules according to the evaluation results, so as to avoid insufficient and excessive maintenance.

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