The Gate valve is an important functional part of the Fuel Transfer system, in order to achieve complete independence of Fuel Transfer unit, the scientific research and manufacture of the gate valve is imperative. According to the objectives, the overall structure design, component function design and material selection are completed, and then manufacture scientific research prototype, carry out a series of performance tests such as strength test, sealing test and whole machine life test, etc. Among them, it is an important step to verify the integrity of the Gate valve under seismic conditions, so in accordance with the design structure, establish the 3D geometric model, divide mesh, creat the finite element model, and apply the boundary conditions, the numerical simulation for Gate valve was presented by using ANSYS software.

The results show that under a combination of loads of various working conditions, including SL-1 abnormal condition or SL-2 accident condition, the stress of each component of Gate valve body, Support, Operating mechanism and Driving rod is less than the specified limit and meets the requirements of the judgement criterion; so the equipment achieve complete independence of Fuel Transfer unit, and be with reliable and stable performance, which can effectively guarantee the safe operation of nuclear power plant.

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