Valveless micropump based on synthetic jet possesses larger flowrate and more successively outflow than valveless micropump with diffuser/nozzle elements. In order to optimize the critical structure parameters including the height of the pump chamber and the outlet diameter, a valveless piezoelectric micropump based on synthetic jet and for transporting liquid was designed and studied. A three-dimensional numerical simulation was done to obtain the flow feature and the performance of the micropumps with different structure parameters. The velocity boundary condition was applied to simulate the oscillation of the piezoelectric diaphragm and the SST flow model was utilized as the maximum Reynolds number was 800. Based on the simulation, quadratic linear regression was used in the response surface optimization. The response surface illustrates the region of the parameters leading to the largest flowrate. The results reveal that the optimal region is from 4.6 mm to 6.4 mm for the outlet diameter and from 7.2 mm to 8.8 mm for the height of the pump chamber. The maximum flowrate of the micropump can achieve 33.41 mL/min when the maximum Reynolds number is 800. It suggests that the interation exists of the height of the pump chamber and the outlet diameter. And the micropump with a higher pump chamber requires a larger outlet diameter.

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