The hydrodynamic instability in an industrial, two-staged, counter-rotative, swirled injector of highly complex geometry is under investigation. Large eddy simulations show that the complicated and strongly nonparallel flow field in the injector is superimposed by a strong precessing vortex core. Mean flow fields of large eddy simulations, validated by experimental particle image velocimetry measurements are used as input for both local and global linear stability analysis. It is shown that the origin of the instability is located at the exit plane of the primary injector. Mode shapes of both global and local linear stability analysis are compared to a dynamic mode decomposition based on large eddy simulation snapshots, showing good agreement. The estimated frequencies for the instability are in good agreement with both the experiment and the simulation. Furthermore, the adjoint mode shapes retrieved by the global approach are used to find the best location for periodic forcing in order to control the precessing vortex core.

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