A numerical study on the effects of sister holes locations on film cooling performance is presented. This includes the change of the location of the individual discrete sister holes in the streamwise and spanwise directions, where each one of these directions includes 9 different locations, The simulations are performed using three-dimensional Reynolds-Averaged Navier Stokes analysis with the realizable k–ε model combined with the standard wall function. The variation of the sister holes in the streamwise direction provides similar film cooling performance as the base case for both blowing ratios of 0.5 and 1. On the other hand, the spanwise variation of the sister holes’ location has a more prominent effect on the effectiveness. In some cases, as a result of the anti-vortices generated from the sister holes and the repositioning of the sister holes in the spanwise direction, the jet lift-off effect notably decreases and more volume of coolant is distributed in the spanwise direction.

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